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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

New Downloads

I have bought a novel called The King's Daughter by Barbara Kyle, who posted on a blog I follow, and won an ebook copy of At Drake's Command by David Wesley Hill, an adventure about Drake's second world circumnavigation as seen from the viewpoint of a young assistant cook on his ship - I think it's YA, but the author tells me his agent couldn't sell it as such because the hero is twenty and has a job. Looks like these publishers haven't come across much Australian YA fiction!

From Project Gutenberg I picked up some Jules Verne which I should have read long ago, From The Earth To The Moon, which I wanted because of an idea I have for a Steampunk anthology being put out by Ticonderoga Press. Never done Steampunk before, though I love it, and this is Steampunk ROMANCE! Oh, well, have to give it a go.

I also picked up Verne's In Search Of The Castaways, which I saw as a Disney movie when I was still at primary school - a recorder band excursion - yes, I played the recorder! Not very well, but I haul it out now and then, along with my ocarina. 

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