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Saturday, October 20, 2012


If you look at the side of the page, you'll find a heading, "My Other Blogs". Of course, I've done Livejournal for a while, and Sue Bursztynski's Page was my first attempt at a blog. I use it, these days, for school-related posts as well as general ones, and sometimes I copy a post from here if I think it's suitable.

But some time ago, I tried a Wordpress blog, as an experiment, and then, not sure what to do with it, more or less forgot about it.

Recently, two things happened. One was that I suddenly found myself with my first follower on a blog I hadn't actually done anything with - it was Stephen Ormsby, a Twitter buddy.

The other thing that happened was that I did a giveaway on George Ivanoff's blog and among the entries was one by a lady called Jennie Tuvey, a library tech running a primary school library in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. She tells me the library has been much neglected, as school libraries tend to be in the Victorian state system now, since Principals had to handle the budget and found libraries the easiest place to make cuts. Jennie is determined to get her library going again and thought a copy of Crime Time might be a nice thing for Grades 5 and 6. I gave her two, and let her know she could count on me for such things as virtual visits. Jennie said she would see if she could get the children to read my blog, send letters and such.

The trouble is, The Great Raven is not really a blog for children to learn about a writer they like, though they're always welcome here. It's mostly about other people's books, only a little about mine. And a children's writer really should have an online presence where their young readers can visit, comment, ask questions or whatever else they like. It's hopefully going to be even more important soon, because I will be going to the YABBA Awards, both as a teacher, with six of my lovely Year 10 students (Dylan, Thando, Selena, Ryan, Kristen and Paige) and as a writer. My friend George Ivanoff tells me not to expect too many people to wander over to our signing table - they will all head for Andy Griffiths; last year, he says, even Gabrielle Lord, whose 365 series is so popular, had hardly any children wanting stuff signed! But you never know who will look you up afterwards. And I want them to have a web site to find.

So I have started posting, for Stephen (hi, Stephen!) and for my readers. It's going to be a writing site, with some general stuff about my life,  the universe and everything.

It has been all fun and games trying to work out how to use it - and what happens when someone wants to comment? Do they have to have an email address? A Twitter or Facebook account which younger children probably won't have and which, anyway, are usually blocked at school? But I'll get there.

I went over to Technorati to "claim my blog" because so far I have had the massive number of 23 hits, despite my posts being automatically tweeted and some kind souls re-tweeting them, and Technorati is the place where you go to make sure your blog shows up on Google. That was a difficult journey in itself; it has been a VERY  long time since I've done any blog-claiming and I think my Livejournal pops up anyway. I had forgotten my login. I didn't even remember my login name!

But it's all done now. Hopefully, Write On! will eventually have as many hits as this blog - and as many followers or more. (I have two, unless you count the Twitter followers) If you'd like to see it for yourself, you can follow the above link or check it out on the sidebar page.

So, now you have a choice of four of my blogs to enjoy!

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