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Thursday, October 11, 2012

World Premiere of "Book Club Fights Back!"

Yesterday I gathered my readers in the library, presented them with their contributor's copies of the DVD and set up the TV to watch their Banned Books Week readings. Probably I should have done it by chapters rather than just pressed play, but on the whole it worked well. They giggled at the bloopers, enjoyed their own readings with "Oh, no, I'm AWFUL!" and were delighted at the opening credits, which I used to sandwich a test run Dylan had done without realising he was actually filming! 

Unfortunately the music was missing from the end credits and after making all those copies it's not worth fixing. Oh, well...

We had parent teacher night following, so I was able to chat to parents about it, only to find they already knew because their son or daughter had been pleased enough to tell them.

I will be showing bits of it at a staff meeting at some stage, if allowed. It will be nice to share a successful literacy activity with my colleagues! I had a lot of fun with it, and so did the students, while doing something important.

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