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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sunday Morning Waffle On Giveaways, Rereads and Wolfborn Haiku

I'm in bed listening to the radio, rereading some books despite a mile-high to be read pile of review copies, sipping chamomile tea and going back over some interview questions for I Am A Reader blog, where I intend to promote my novel's arrival in the US with interview and giveaway. It may be my last giveaway for a while; I never seem to have much interest from either this web site or my Goodreads account, even when I invite entries just to give their details in the comments section.

And yet, those who have entered these small giveaways have always been terrific people. Through them I have had one great review, even though it came months later, I have been able to give a copy of Wolfborn to a lovely lady who had a second try after my first I Am A Reader hop and another to one who gave ME a present, the beautiful HUGE cup from which I am sipping my chamomile tea, I have met a library technician determined to get her primary school library going again... Worth it, I guess, if hard work(and who would think it would be hard work to give something away?;-D)

Anyway, we'll see how this one goes on the I Am A Reader site. My guest post on Dear Teen Me should be coming up soonish and I will include a link here when it does.

Meanwhile, here's my answer to one question, "Write a Haiku about your book ":

"Autumn leaves  fall soon,
My lord then in wolf skin trapped,
Perhaps forever".

Hopefully that will intrigue...;-)

What do you all think?


Sean Wright said...

I think its just the sheer volume of info out there. I have run a giveaway on my blog which only 10 people entered.

Sue Bursztynski said...

I must have missed that one. Sorry! Anyway, we'll see how this one goes. Kathy of I Am A Reader does a wonderful job with hosting giveaways and people know to go to her web site for them. I'll be asking my publishers over there if perhaps they can spare an e- copy while I give away the print one.

Stephanie said...

I think it also depends on the blogs that participate in the giveaway hop. I tend to reach more people through more literary-oriented blog hops (such as those run by Judith at the LeeSwammes blog), as I think those are the readers I tend to attract.

Re: the haiku, awesome stuff, but needs more unicorns :D

Steph @ RIASS

Sue Bursztynski said...

Unfortunately, "unicorns" is three syllables, and I only had seventeen, so perhaps I'd better do a second one. "Let's see..."Unicorns sneer... my friend is shamed..." Um, will think about it. ;-) Thanks for the suggestion!