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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Banned Books DVD Done At Last

I'm listening to Alan Zavod's music for the wonderful marionette stage play of The Hobbit while I wait for my DVD to burn. I returned from the holidays yesterday and downloaded the last files from the video camera to my USB stick - Emily doing her reading from The Hunger Games and the group giving the finger to book bans. This afternoon my colleague Jasna recorded her own reading from Fahrenheit 451. I added it all this evening, reworking the credits to include Jasna and making sure the music fitted well. Tomorrow I will burn copies of the final version to give to all the readers on Thursday, when I hope to have a world premiere of Book Club Fights Back! in the library. ;-) We do have parent teacher night, meaning that lunchtime will be shortened even more than usual, but with luck it will be long enough to show the film.

I'm rather proud of this. I have taught myself how to use the software needed and made a nice little movie that the readers will keep as a souvenir and that can be used to give people some ideas of things they can do to engage their students.

As for my students, they had a wonderful time doing it and it gave them something to think about.

It's getting late and I will be off to bed as soon as the DVD is finished, but it was well worth staying up to do this.

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