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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Latest In Aussie Small Press!

Here's what's coming out from Peggy Bright Books in June - and I have a story in it! Peggy Bright Books is a small press company based in New South Wales, part of the thriving, vibrant small press culture in Australia. Light Touch Paper, Stand Back is its third publication. Quite frankly, I didn't realise it would be out so soon - I thought it would take about a year to get it going. But there will be copies for sale at the New Zealand and Australian national SF Conventions, only a few months after the invitations went out to submit. And if you can't make it to either convention or don't want to pay postage for a hard copy, the publishers are working on an e-book version which will be available in ePub, Mobi and PDF. 

Even if you aren't too interested in my writing, here's the full list, as sent to me by editor Simon Petrie.:

Joanne Anderton,  'The Bone Chime Song'

Adam Browne,  'The D____d'

Sue Bursztynski,  'Five Ways to Start a War'

Brenda Cooper,  'Between Lines'

Katherine Cummings,  'The Travelling Salesman and the Farmer's Daughter'

Thoraiya Dyer,  'Faet's Fire'

Kathleen Jennings,  'Kindling'

Dave Luckett,  'History: Theory and Practice'

Ian McHugh,  'The Godbreaker and Unggubudh the Mountain'

Sean McMullen,  'Hard Cases'

Ripley Patton,  'Mary Had a Unicorn'

Rob Porteous,  'The Subjunctive Case'

Anna Tambour,  'Murder at the Tip'

He goes on to say,:
"We're immoderately pleased with this set of stories, which are as varied in style and setting as they are consistent in excellence."

The cover art is by Les Peterson, who used to illo Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine and, these days, does book covers for much bigger publishers than PBB. The cover is going to look something like this:

Gorgeous, isn't it? I am very excited to be between the covers of this anthology.


Lan said...

Congrats Sue! It must be so exciting to see something you've written in print. I agree the cover is awesome.

Sue Bursztynski said...

Thanks, Lan! Yes, it IS exciting. One nice thing about publication is that it's always as exciting as the first time. That parcel that comes in the mail, a book with your name on or in it...In this case, being there with all those amazing writers, some of whom have had international careers or awards or both - wow!