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Monday, April 02, 2012

In My Mailbox Today

This morning, I went downstairs to find a new review book in my mail. It was Winter's Shadow by M.J.Hearle, which I had requested because the sequel is coming out shortly and I haven't read this one. I was definitely intrigued by a paranormal YA romance written by a man. The cover does show a young couple hugging out in the forest, but at least she isn't wearing a ball gown! The cover comment is by Rebecca James, author of Beautiful Malice - very interesting! Does this mean it has a lot of nasty characters stalking each other? I will be reviewing it here shortly, so stand by!

 I'm nearly finished with Kate Forsyth's Bitter Greens, which I downloaded a few days ago - a wonderful piece of historical fantasy connected with, but not only about, Rapunzel, set in 16th century Italy and 17th century France.

I've been looking on-line for ebook versions of Katharine Briggs's fairy dictionary (no luck, will have to see if I can get the hard copy through ABEbooks) and Robert Kirk's Secret Commonwealth,  a fairy/folklore classic. I found this available on-line, but not to download, so I bookmarked it. The one site which did let me download it as PDF gave me a blank document. I just want to have useful reference stuff to carry around with me where I can check up when I need to do research for my books.

Anyway, I did find something on Project Gutenberg called Folk-Lore and Legends, an anonymous 19th century book of Scottish folktales. It's sitting on my virtual book shelf next to the Kate Forsyth book.

I've also unearthed a book I have had lying around for ages, unread, Jack Dann's The Rebel, an alternative universe story in which James Dean survived the car crash that killed him in our own world. What would he have done if he'd lived to make more films? Whose life would have been different because of it? Great stuff, pity I have left it lying around my house for so long!

Time to go to bed and read some of this stuff, but what to read first? Decisions!

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