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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Arvo At The Movies

Having played with the story of Snow White myself, I couldn't resist the latest movie of the fairy tale. There will be another one later this year, Snow White And The Huntsman, but meanwhile I hopped aboard the tram to the Jam Factory and went to see Mirror, Mirror. Very silly indeed, but deliberately so. The wicked Queen was played by Julia Roberts, with the very funny Nathan Lane as her long- suffering sidekick Brighton. The prince is constantly being attacked by seven tiny bandits and stripped of his clothes. Snow White is a lot less passive than in the original tale; one scene, where she is duelling the prince, is ripped off directly from a scene in The Mask Of Zorro, where Antonio Banderas duels Catherine Zeta Jones - and in case you've missed the reference, there's a Spanish theme playing in the background. There's a surprise cameo appearance by Sean Bean as Snow White's father. I have no doubt this will get plenty of bad reviews, but I thought it fun.


Sean Wright said...

I got the impression that this movie was poking a lot of fun at a lot of other movies as well. Not having seen it though I can't say what other films it may have referenced.

Sue Bursztynski said...

You're probably right. I did have the feeling of familiarity as I watched, but the reference to Zorro was the only one I spotted. If you do see it, let me know.:)

Sue Bursztynski said...

Oh, there was one scene where she offered a bit of apple to a bird, but it didn't come across as obvious as in that Disney movie that poked fun at its own animated movies.