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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Writing cards instead of stories

Ah, what a time of year! It's a time for writing cards instead of fiction (or non-fiction as the case may be - I do both). I'm partway through a story submission for an anthology on the theme of beginnings and won't get much further till Christmas is over. I have a lot to write still, and I'm way overdue for overseas friends, who will now receive theirs after the festive season, along with, in some cases, something very special that I have prepared for them.

I've picked up a couple of Bob Shaw books in the second-hand bookshop (later! later!) and I'm looking longingly at something about which I will write more very soon. Kevin Lee, who is a regular friend from the Centre for Youth Literature and was lucky enough to be chosen as an Inkys judge this year, has done something remarkable. He has translated a book from German into English, using the translators on the Internet to help him! He was kind enough to give me a copy which he has bound nicely at his work.

More of this later!

Some of the cards I wrote tonight were to the folk from the Centre for Youth Literature. I don't imagine I'm by any means the only person to receive a card from them, but the thing is, it was personalised. Those of the staff who actually know me have put in comments I know are just for me when they could just have written their names or, at best, "Merry Christmas". or "best wishes".  But they did better. Christine, whom I have known since she was working for the Little Bookroom, said how nice it was to see me again, finally. Liz thanked me for my "words of wisdom" on the Insideadog web site - lovely to know someone was reading and enjoying! I mean, know it for sure.  And while Heath's comment was brief, I haven't forgotten the lovely review he gave Wolfborn when it came out. So, of course, I had to send them each a card, just so they know I appreciate it, even the ones whose wishes were short. With all the work they have to do, it's nice to know they took that trouble.

Now, what I would really, really like if I had just one wish for a gift, is to be invited to speak at the Centre for Youth Literature next year, to be recognised as a writer, not just a librarian who turns up at Booktalkers. Sigh!


Amie Kaufman said...

That's so thoughtful of you -- I never manage to get through as many cards as I'd like, but I know the personalised ones always mean so much more!

Sue Bursztynski said...

They do indeed. I do understand that when you've got about 100 cards to write, you just don't have time, but I thought that the CYL staff were great, for this very reason.

Nice to hear from you, Amie! Hope your new book goes over well.

Lan said...

I used to love writing cards when I was at school and personalizing them with funny messages. One classmate opened up her card and said "wow, it's a novel!" It always impressed when a card is personalised. Especially if you know the person sending it has hundred to write. Fingers crossed your wish comes true Sue!

Sue Bursztynski said...

Ah, do you think it might have been a prophecy when your friend said, "It's a novel!"? ;-) And thanks for your good wishes.