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Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Links

The other day, when I wrote my post about the wonderful Howard Fast, I was thrilled to get a comment from Mimi, his widow. Mimi suggested I check out a video on Open Road Media, which I did, and it was fascinating - only a couple of minutes, but well worth a look. In it, you see the bit where he was up in front of the McCarthy witch-hunters (House UnAmerican Activities Committee) and interviews with his son, Jonathan (SF writer), daughter-in-law, Erica Jong - a VERY famous novelist in her own right - and Mimi herself.  I have put in a link to this at the side, so if you're interested, not only in Howard Fast but in this period of American history, do yourselves a favour and go take a look. I first researched this when I was teaching The Crucible in my first year as a teacher. Amazing how many big name writers and actors and other artists were black-banned at this time. Quite a few appeared in Woody Allen's The Front. And did you know that the British children's TV series The Adventures of Robin Hood was written by Americans fleeing McCarthy?

Another link is to my sample chapter of Wolfborn, so if you missed out when I was offering to email it, now is your chance. It isn't going anywhere now and hopefully there will be another sample up when I can arrange it., for one of my other books.

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