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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ford Street Creative Net

The last few days I've tried to get through to "add a gadget" on Blogger layout and failed. Not sure if it's my computer or Blogger dropping out on that page, but for the time being, before I add the permanent link, I'll just give Creative Net a well-deserved plug here. If you're a teacher-librarian or a teacher trying to get guest speakers, you should definitely consider Ford Street's speaker agency, Creative Net. I'm on there, although I really need to re-write my bio. I put too much emphasis on the fact that I'm a teacher-librarian good at speaking to kids (well, I am, but that's not the point)and not enough on the fact that I'm a writer with a couple of Notables under my belt and that kids love my books.

However. This isn't a Sue plug, it's a Creative Net plug. Paul Collins knows EVERYONE in children's and YA writing in Australia, having been around for decades, and publishes a lot of great writers from his home in Ford Street. And he has an impressive list of speakers there, not all of them published by Ford Street, but all of them well-known.

So, why this particular agency? If, like me, you've booked guest speakers, you know that whatever the fee, you have to add the booking fee for the agency.

Creative Net doesn't do that, because it charges us for getting us work. So whatever you're quoted for booking one of us, that's what you pay.

And no, Paul hasn't paid me to say this. He has been really supportive of my writing over the years and supportive of the writing of a whole lot of others and any way I can help him I will, but I wouldn't plug this unless it was worth doing.

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