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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This Week's Random Read...My Sister Rosa by Justine Larbalestier

I picked it up from the display counter before leaving work on Tuesday. I'm halfway through. Goodness, it's nasty! Compelling, like all Justine Larbalestier's work that I've read, but nasty! Like Liar, you don't know whether you should be sympathising with the hero or not. I don't think I really do, though you can understand his predicament. 

Did you ever see the film The Bad Seed? In it, there was a charming little girl who was a psychopath and did some truly dreadful things. She had inherited her evil from a grandmother, I think - a long time since I saw it. It's like that. 

Anyway, Rosa, the little sister of the protagonist Che, is truly evil. He knows that. He tries to stop her, but Che has his own problems. And he can't bring himself to warn anyone except his parents, who aren't helpful. Neither are the various doctors, who are fooled by Rosa's charm. She has no empathy and very little emotion, but she does learn how to pretend to care. So dreadful things are likely to happen to people who haven't been warned... but would they believe Che if he did?

Halfway through and trying to decide whether I can bring myself to finish it. It's not that I insist on a happy ending, but when you can see the horrible ending looming and no way to stop it, you do wonder if there's any point. 

I may put it aside for a while and read something a bit more cheerful before I get back to this. 


Unknown said...

This reminds me of "Orphan" about the creepiest, evilest, little girl with ringlets and a black velvet choker. I could barely watch that one. I love horror but I'm a big fan of good winning at the end. However, the moral dilemma of Che sounds interesting. I suggest taking time out and reading something milder before diving back into the looming, horrible ending. ;)

Sue Bursztynski said...

Well, horror fiction does usually have good winning at the end. Not always, but usually. I'm not familiar with the film you mention. Thing is, psychopathy doesn't always involve murder or manipulation. There's even a book about psychopath bosses - and I had one once. Dreadful woman, thankfully left for the other side of the country. They tend to get to the top because of their charisma.

I think you're right about reading something milder.