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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Coming Soon On The Great Raven: A Guest Post And An Interview!

On Tuesday I will be posting a guest post by Lexa Cain, horror novelist, who will be telling us some customs and traditions that inspired her newest novel, Bloodwalker.

Soon after this, in the next few days, the amazing Juliet Marillier will be answering some questions about her trilogy, Blackthorn And Grim, whose last volume, Den Of Wolves, has just come out. If you haven't read these books, I do recommend them. Juliet Marillier doesn't just do Fat Fantasy Trilogies. Her characters are human and believable and they spend the three volumes developing as people. You care about them. There may be Otherworldly beings, but even they can be believable as people.

And personally, I would love to have a Grim in my life. Despite all his traumas, he looks after others - especially Blackthorn, but others as well. He is such a teddy bear! Kind and wise and loyal and just huggable. Read the books and you'll see what I mean. And then come back and read Juliet's answers to my questions! 

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