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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Louise Rennison Is No More!

just heard the news. ANOTHER terrific writer bites the dust - in the course of about three days!

I have no idea of the details. There are plenty of articles that say she's gone and talk about her life, but none of those I've read so far says how. I mean, Umberto Eco and Harper Lee were both in their eighties. Sad, but not unusual. It happens.

But this lady was only in her early sixties. Not an age for "natural causes", surely? If anyone reading this knows the details, please do let me know in the comments.

Louise Rennison was a British YA novelist who wrote funny books for girls. The best known is Angus, Things And Full Frontal Snogging, which I believe was made into a film(haven't seen it), but she wrote plenty, and I have several on my library shelves - the kids love them! There was a whole series about heroine Georgia Nicolson.


I'm currently reading Withering Tights, about Georgia's cousin Tallulah Casey, who has travelled north to Yorkshire to do a summer school on the arts. I'm only about a hundred pages in and Tallulah is already surrounded by a bunch of over-the-top characters, from her kind but zany host family to the  loopy woman who runs the school.


We'll have to have a chat about this at my lunchtime book club on Thursday. 


Unknown said...

Three authors in the same week? That's creepy! Just like when Bowie, Glenn Frey, and Rickman passed. They always go in threes. *cue spooky music* :O

Sue Bursztynski said...

Perhaps this means we won't be losing any more just yet? Fingers crossed! We still don't know what killed Louise Rennison, BTW. She was only in her earlyish sixties!