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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What I'm Reading Now...

Plenty, actually, but these few will do for now.

Crash, the second Twinmaker novel by Sean Williams. I've been sent that for reviewing, along with the third one, Fall. Goodness, it's non-stop action! Though, unlike some other thriller-type books, characters do occasionally stop to eat and sleep and wash up. And when they haven't had a chance to do that, it shows. 

Right now, the heroine, Clair, is running from a bunch of murderous "dupes" who all look like her love interest's decent father, who was killed early on in the first book. Somehow she seems to have recovered from a blackout without the nausea and pain that usually implies. I sometimes think that knocking characters out is many authors' way of moving from one scene to the next without having to go into detail about what happened. Still. A very exciting adventure. 

I downloaded two Ray Bradbury books the other day. One is Nine Rareties, a collection of some of his early short stories. The other is Zen In The Art Of Writing, a book about his writing, which I've just started. For some reason, that's currently free, so if you are interested now is the time to get it from the iBooks store. 

There are also a couple of Project Gutenberg books which I found after reading a blog post that mentioned them. One is a slang dictionary from the 19th century which should come in handy if I ever write something set in that era. The other is a slang dictionary original edited back in 1528 by Martin Luther! It was translated in the Victorian era, so there it is, in Gutenberg! 

There's more, but my train station is coming up, so I will finish this and post it to the world.

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