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Monday, October 05, 2015

Special Nepotistic Promo Post!

I've just had an email from my brother, who is a member of a terrific a capella group called the Ice Haloes. You can find them easily enough on YouTube, where there are bits from their performances. Then, if you live in Melbourne, you can go to one of their concerts. Or you can buy their new CD, which is just out. And this week, they're on radio, as mentioned below.

Here is the email. 

Hey everyone - a quick heads up about the fact that we are going to be LIVE on the radio this Sunday October 11.

The Ice Haloes will be the featured guests on Melbourne's 88.3 Southern FM during the weekly program "Sunday Sessions". From 4 PM (or soon after), we'll be performing songs live from our new CD Cover Stories and chatting with the host, Mark Missen.

Even if you don't live in Melbourne, you can listen in to the show live on the interwebs (do the arithmetic if you live in a different time zone) from the website:

 Bringing Acapella to the airwaves! 

See you at our next gig! Don't forget we have our CD Launch on November 21.Tickets can be bought via

Peggy, Belinda, Adam & Maurice.

This is the cover of their album(that's my brother, Maurice, on the right. He's the group's bass)

At one point, Maurice was part of an a capella group which sang mostly(but not entirely) "beautiful Georgian folk songs about cutting trees in the forest". We're not Georgian. But the group was, and needed a bass.

That's how he got into a capella singing. I've seen the Ice Haloes perform and, trust me, they're good! Check them out on YouTube.

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Lexa Cain said...

Your brother has a CD out? That's totally awesome! And acapella groups are wonderful - from the old-time barber shop groups to the last one I enjoyed (a bazillion years ago) called Manhattan Transfer. (Scary that I still remember them after all these years and yet walk into rooms and can't remember what I went in there for...) Congrats to your brother. I hope his CD is a big success! :)