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Monday, June 30, 2014

I Got Some Free Books!

I've recently won a book from the English Historical Fiction Authors blog, a novel by Glynn Holloway, 1066:What Fates Impose, which is winging its way to me from England, more when it arrives - I would have been happy with an ebook since I can't put it in my library anyway, but this is paperback. I will at least give it a plug. I showed Glynn the very silly 1066 history trailer I did on my iPad's iMovie app and uploaded to YouTube because I couldn't think of any other way to show it to my Year 8 history class before I make them do their own. He said he enjoyed it, the nice man.

This morning I downloaded the special free promotional copy of Colin Falconer's novel East India he was offering on his blog to his followers only. I follow it because, among all the promos for his historical romances, are some very enjoyable and entertaining thoughts about history and the people in it. Now and then one of his promos is a free ebook. I have two of his books on my Kindle app. One was a freebie, Anastasia, which I admit I havn't finished yetThe other was his novel Isabella: Braveheart Of France, about Edward II's queen, more often known as the She-Wolf Of France(uness you believe the nonsense shown in that Mel Gibson film). It also had a twist at the end which I found interesting if unlikely, but hey, why not? I bought that with an Amazon gift voucher I won on another blog in a competition I'd forgotten entering, along with some Arthur C Clarke. I'm glad though that this time it's an iBooks voucher, as I really don't enjoy reading on my Kindle app. And as I don't like giving my card details online unless I absolutely must, I prefer iBooks, which you can buy with an iTunes card. Even if the merchant is very careful with your details, there are a lot of complete and utter losers out there who think they might get some friends if they show how clever they are at hacking. Not to mention money.

However, this isn't telling you about Colin Falconer, an Aussie expat whom I remember as Colin Bowles, author of some YA fiction many years ago. Nowadays he writes for adults, historical fiction - mostly, I think historical romance - set in various eras. I am looking forward to reading East India. It seems to be set in the same time and place as the Batavia incident. Hmm...

***Additonal, additional! I have just added to my cyber shelves  Bound by Aussie writer Alan Baxter, the first in his Alex Caine series, which the publishers have made free for download in Australia and New Zealand this month. Alan had a story in the anthology Mythic Resonance in which my story "Brothers" also appeared a couple of yeas ago, so I've been following him on Twitter, on which the offer was made. It's a nice idea, something that wouldn't have been possible before ebooks. Publishers might have reprinted Volume 1 of a trilogy to promote the latest volume, but would then have to hope they would sell instead of sitting in the warehouse. I'll look forward to reading this...and then, if I enjoy, might buy the rest... Which is the idea of such freebies. ***


Deirdra said...

I'm looking for your contact info for a book review/post?
Can you email me at EdenLiterary at gmail dot com

Sue Bursztynski said...

Hi Deirdra! The info you want is on the side of this page, the second link, under "home". Do make sure you check the guidelines for what I do and don't review - I hate having to say no! :-)