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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wolfborn Lands In The Library of Congress!

Here's the link to the record of my book, proving to me that it has arrived! YAY!

Library of Congress record here.

I even know that it was catalogued by a lovely teacher librarian called Judy, who is now 
cataloguing children's and YA books for America's answer to our National Library.
 It's nice to have it personalised that way. 

If you're a US reader who enjoys medieval fantasy, you can buy it in hard copy from October 1, in all good bookshops.


Lan said...

Congrats Sue! That's fantastic news. Hope it gets a lot of borrowers.

Sue Bursztynski said...

Thanks for that, Lan! Actually, the Library of Congress, like our National Library, has a deposit collection, where anything published in the country has to be placed. I don't think anyone can actually borrow the books, but surely visitors can look at them. What excites me is that having it in the LOC means the book is really, really over there. Now, let's hope people BUY it. All my other books bar Crime Time have gone to the US, though for some reason only one other book has a record in the LOC. Maybe the others came through Canada...

Sean Wright said...

I have been meaning to congratulate you. So congrats :)