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Friday, August 10, 2012

Wolfborn In The Library of Congress

Yesterday I got an email from a librarian at the Library of Congress, the US version of our own National Library, which has a deposit collection of everything published in the country. She just wanted to confirm that I was the author of The Sea's Secret, which they had a record for, and a bunch of non-fiction books she had seen listed online. I confirmed it for her - she must have been wondering what all those non-fiction and children's chapter books had to do with a YA werewolf fantasy. :-)

Thing is, this is, for me, a confirmation of the fact that my werewolf knight and his friends and enemies are really, really going overseas at last! There's nothing like a deposit collection record to say that, yes, your book has been printed and published in that country. I have asked the lady to let me know when the record is up, because it should be possible to access, as you can access the records of the National Library here. If it is, I'll post a link here.

(Sue does an excited Snoopy dance)

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