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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bookish Things Today

This afternoon, after saying goodbye to my mother, I took the train out to Notions Unlimited Bookshop in Chelsea, where I haven't been since the grand opening. It was pouring as I stepped off the train, so just as well I had my big umbrella, but the shop was cosy and I found a game of Dungeons and Dragons happening in the comfy chair area in the middle. The gamers were friendly and happy to chat with me; they even offered me a piece of freshly made cheese cake as we talked. I browsed in the small press shelves, where they had a bunch of books from Australia's various spec fic publishers. Not everything, but a good variety. I finally picked up a copy of Tansy Rayner Roberts' Love And Romanpunk and the new collection by Margo Lanagan.

 And then I REALLY overspent by acquiring A Feast Of Ice And Fire - a Game of Thrones cookbook! If you remember all those yummy-sounding dishes the characters are always eating in the series, you can now cook them. The authors went off and researched medieval  foods and cooked them, adapting them for modern cooks and to go with the novels, though they have some medieval and modern versions side by side. There's an introduction by George R.R. Martin, admitting he can't cook, but saying how delighted he was when these fans, Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer, started bringing baskets of goodies to his book signings. I also learned from this intro that they had a blog, The Inn At The Crossroads, where all this stuff is discussed, so of course I had to go and find it and bookmark it, it as so very good. Here's the link, do check it out.

I was about to go drool over my new purchases when my brother Maurice rang to say that he was dropping off my nephew, his son Max, at the Astor to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show and was I still interested in coming? So I put everything away ad went home for a quick meal and browse before heading for the cinema with its famous cat, Marzipan.(Maurice was thrilled when she came to him in the foyer and sat on his lap - I got a photo or two).

I have finally received my review copy of Rhiannon Hart's Blood Storm and also got sent a book called Throne Of Glass by Saah J. Maas, which apparently started off as an on-line effort, but sold to Bloomsbury. We'll see how both go, and I will also be interviewing Rhiannon when I've read the book.

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