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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Book Week In The Library

I had to celebrate Book Week somehow. There isn't the money to get in guest speakers or  people to run workshops. I'm alone two days a week and my technician was sick on the day I hoped to decorate the library.

But I can do a trivia quiz and I run one during Book Week every year. And as the theme this year was Champions Read and I couldn't find a single photo of an athlete or sports player with a book in hand, I found some of my more obliging students and got them to pose with books during their PE period, then put them up on a podium with medals around their necks and books in hand. I printed out and laminated the photos and put them up in the lbrary. Two students helped me to prepare a trivia quiz, which I ran in the library today at lunchtime. Two of my colleagues helped by taking up and marking the answer sheets - I couldn't have done it alone, as there were twenty-seven students competing! Last time I only gt sixteen, so it was nice.

They enjoyed the event, especially when I had extra questions for chocolate frogs( I also gave frogs to all competitors and Mars Bars  to the winners).Alas, someone walked out with two of the Mars Bars, so I was short of prizes - I think some kids just don't get that there is no more of it to replace the ones they took, They just see the chocolate there and help themselves. The winners were good about it, being my foundation book clubbers, who will be gone soon, dammit, and nobody went without chocolate of  some description, so really, it was a successful event. I will probably do another one for Halloween, on a paranormal theme.

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