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Monday, May 14, 2012

Review Policy Update - Again!

This time I hope it's crystal clear and not open to interpretation; every time I think I have got it right,easy to understand, someone else comes long and says,"Oh, but I thought you meant..." This morning's review request wanted me to review the ebook version and then pay for the print version on Amazon if I wanted it for my library.( pounds head in hands). I may,some time, review a book in my collection, or support a fellow writer whose publisher won't send books overseas, but when that happens I will say so. And it will be my decision, not a favour to a publisher I don't know who wants me to pay for the privilege of publicising their books. Again I say: if I can't donate my review copy to my library after I've finished with it, please, please don't ask me. I do hate disappointing people. There are plenty of blogs out there only too happy to review ebooks, but I'm not one of them. Read my lips- I don't review ebooks - sorry!


Lan said...

Sorry this keeps happening Sue. Sounds very frustrating. I've started ignoring queries from people who clearly ignore my policy. Though I've never been asked to pay for a book that someone wants me to review!

Sue Bursztynski said...

I think I'm going to start ignoring too. If people are only going to interpret the policy to mean what they want, why bother answering? They didn't actually ask me to pay for the review copy, as long as I reviewed the ebook. They just suggested that if I wanted it for my library I could always buy a copy of the print edition on Amazon. But this ignores the reason why I review - to get books for the library - and is sheer chutzpah. A lot of people are happy to review ebooks, so I'm sure they'll find someone.