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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Here's a blog I have just discovered and begun to follow, known as The History Girls. It's a blog by a bunch of women writers of historical fiction. I have only heard of a few of them, who have written for teens, but all of them write wonderful posts about their writing and research. It's fascinating stuff. The web site is set up for reviews and interviews, though they're not up as yet.

 I was particularly hooked by a posta bout "Tommy Atkins" the common British soldier as immortalised by Kipling. The post discusses the difficulty of making anyone below officer rank your hero, because it's almost impossible to run off and have adventures with no horse and not being allowed out of camp - and how does your low-ranking hero save the day when any officer would simply consider him impertinent for making suggestions? The author of a book called Into The Valley Of Death, A.L. Berridge, considered this a challenge and met it. What's really good about this blog is that it comes out daily. If you love history and are interested in the process of writing it, why not wander over and take a look?


alberridge said...

And look what I'VE found! Great blog, Sue - I'm thoroughly enjoying myself nosing around.

A quick look at the Wolfbane review suggests you might be a bit of a History Girl yourself too. Look forward to seeing you over there!


Sue Bursztynski said...

Thanks, Louise! Yes, I am a bit of a History Girl, the reason I so enjoyed your web site. Wolfborn is set in my own universe, but I did my research on 12th century Europe - the role of women, armour, daily life, etc., as well as folklore. I'm currently working on a post about why it's important to do your research even for fantasy. I've also sold two short stories set in the 1960s, and I really enjoyed the research for those!

Terry Morris said...

Thanks for sharing that with us, Sue. Following it up now.

Stephanie said...

I adore the History Girls. :) Lovely to see all my favourite blogs getting together!

Stephanie @ RIASS

Sue Bursztynski said...

I have just had a chuckle over the history of the top hat. Delightful blog!