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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Maurice Sendak Is No More!

Alas, he's gone! I woke this morning to a world in which the magical author/ illustrator of Where The Wild Things Are, 

In The Night Kitchen,

 Outside Over There

 and many other classics no longer existed.:-( If you haven't heard of him, by some remote chance, I'm betting you've felt his influence. Just off the top of my head I can think of the film Labyrinth, which used his critters from Where The Wild Things Are - and lest you failed to notice, did a pan across the heroine's bookshelves, showing that one. Outside Over There may have influenced the same film, as it's about a girl who carelessly fails to watch her baby sister and then has to rescue her from the goblins. The Wild Things critters also appeared in a movie of The Nutcracker, as denizens of the Kingdom of Sweets. I think this was the Pacific Northwest Ballet production.

 My brother Maurice's son, whose name is Max, grew up with Wild Things and loved it, probably still does. I discovered the books as an adult and I sure love them, even now! I was lucky enough to see some of Sendak's original art in a display at the Jewish Museum in Melbourne some years ago. He is a huge loss to the world of art and children's books. If there's anyone like him now, I haven't discovered them.

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