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Monday, May 07, 2012

Downloaded to my iBook shelves

My shelves look nicely full and it's such good fun to open up a book here, a book there, on my cyber-shelves and graze among them. Now My Man Jeeves. Now Eragon or Rostam, that Persian epic which I heard about when preparing for the excusrsion to the State Library. Today alone, I have downloaded A Wrinkle In Time and Mao's Last Dancer, the junior version. I have read the adult one, long ago, but three of my students have chosen it for Literature Circles. I'll have to work out a way of helping them with the Chinese background, the history and the words, though hopefully they can work those out from the context. The book does have a timeline at the back, but when a kid is reading it, she may well ask, "What's the Great Leap Forward?"

I'm also road-testng the ebook version of Light Touch Paper... the anthology in which I have my Trojan War story. Not bad to have a sneak peek at the other stories in it. ;-)

I simply couldn't resist Lois McMaster Bujold's novelette, "Winterfair Gifts". I do have it somewhere in an anthology of SF romances, but who can find that among all my books and meanwhile, this was only about $4.

I'm getting hooked on iTunes cards and buying them wherever there's a special. I have the card discount web site bookmarked, so that I will know every time one store or another is selling a $50 card for $40. With the Zinio app, also using iTunes cards,  I can buy e-versions of New Scientist and have them there to refer to when I need the information, instead of trying to find places for my latest dozen issues.

My reading life has definitely changed for the better since January this year.

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