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Monday, October 31, 2011

My First post for Insideadog

I'm still trying to work out how to log in to the Writer-In-Residence blog and won't be able to ring Adele Walsh for a talk-through till tomorrow, so I'm going to put my first CYL post here and pop it up on Insideadog as soon as it's available. I did try, but it wouldn't accept the login I'd been given and while I was able to follow the instructions using my own login, it wouldn't save.

So here it is and please, do go check it out on Insideadog when it's up there. I mean to post regularly:

Hi guys! I’m Sue Bursztynski, your writer-in-residence for the next month. My day job is as a library teacher at Sunshine College in Melbourne, where I have a lunchtime book and writers’club. Our students get to read manuscripts and provide feedback for one of my publishers. They get free books to say thank you.

I’ve been writing since I was about eight, though I sold my first book only after I was an adult. It was called Monsters And Creatures Of The Night and my favourite letter from that was from a boy who wanted me to send him a photo of a real zombie. He had to settle for some bookmarks.

My latest book, Wolfborn, has werewolves and knights in it. I got my students to check bits of the manuscript to make sure I got the mediaeval stuff right. I loved writing that one, because I’m crazy about the Middle Ages and stuff about fantastical creatures like werewolves and Faeries and unicorns, so I wrote them all in.

I used to be in a club called the SCA – the Society for Creative Anachronism – where we dressed up in mediaeval clothes and had feasts and tournaments where people did sword fights. If I find a pic of me in my SCA costume some time this month I’ll post it.

Mostly, though, in the past I’ve written non-fiction, books and articles. Here’s a link to the official book trailer for my last non-fiction book, Crime Time: Australians behaving badly, published by Ford Street Publishing a couple of years ago:

Not at all Middle Ages, is it? But fun! See you in my next post.

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