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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Welcome Kevin Lee!

If you read my post about the Reading Matters conference - and I know from my stats that a lot of you did read it, you just didn't comment - you'll have seen the picture of Kevin Lee. I've known Kevin for some years; we meet regularly at Booktalkers, where he comes for one reason and one only: he loves children's and YA books. Now he's been rewarded for his love of this fiction with a job as one of this year's Inkys judges - and he's set up a blog, Someone To Write With, which I've popped up on the links at the side. I hope he'll use it fore reviewing, though not the Inkys books, because judges can't do that. We can always use another YA review site.

Go check out Kevin's site!


little_stranger said...

Thanks for the post and the link, Sue. Yes, I'm really surprised and delighted to be an Inky Awards judge (as my blog posts elaborate).

I plan to use my blog for a variety of interests (including on YA literature). It's just a matter of making time!

Sue Bursztynski said...

Well, I'm following your blog now, so I'll find out. Enjoy your judging! Last time I was asked to judge anything it was the Mary Grant Bruce Award for Children's Literature. I was sent seventy-five stories to read. Most of them were awful, some were not for children, one of them was BY a child - they were supposed to be without the author's name, but some proud mother sent in her child's work with a note that this was by "little so-and-so twelve years old". I had to give a prize in the special Gippsland section, because that was one of the conditions of the award. despite the Gippsland entries that year being pretty bad.

I chose a short list of seven stories, then gave them to two children, the daughters of my sister's friend, to choose the winner. It was, in general, an exhausting task, so I wish you well in yours. At least your books have been published already!