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Saturday, July 09, 2011

SheKilda preparation

Now I'm on term holidays I have started to rustle up the stuff for the SheKilda web site. It's very exciting to be doing this. The pics, to start with. I've downloaded some of the bio blurbs. I'd assumed I only had one thing to offer to the field of crime writing, Crime Time: Australians behaving badly, but after I had a look at the web site of my co-panellist, Goldie Alexander, I realised that her children's crime book looked like a chapter book and I suddenly remembered I did a chapter book mystery called "The Sea's Secret" for Pearson. And a short story in Paul and Meredith's Thrillogy series, "The Egyptian Figurines Mystery". And an article on forensic science for the NSW School Magazine. An article that required at least as much research as for any of my education titles, because before they commissioned me to do it, I hadn't known anything about forensics. I had some help from Dr Shelley Robertson, who will also be at the con. She checked my article for accuracy and answered some questions. I can meet her, finally, and maybe see if we can add another person to the panel, to make it a proper panel. It's kind of hard to do anything with two people, though I have done it in emergencies at cons when someone got sick or forgot to turn up. I do hope there will be one more person!

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