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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Currently Reading...

There's a pile of review books in my living-room and some others I have to read for school, with the authors coming to visit or because they're CBCA short-listed books. I've finished Sonya Hartnett's Midnight Zoo. I'll wait to see what my student Selena has to say about it. She is busy preparing an interview with the delightful Cath Crowley. I'm still reading About A Girl, which Selena liked in the end though she was uneasy with the lesbian angle when she started. I'd like to have her comments about these two and Six Impossible Things and will post them when she does. After About A Girl I just have to read Melina Marchetta's The Piper's Son and I'm done with this year's Older Readers shortlist.

I'm halfway through Michael Pryor's Hour Of Need, last of The Laws of Magic steampunk series, nearly finished Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld, a little way into A Clash of Kings, reading Adrian Stirling's The Comet Box (he's coming to visit my school week after next) and about to start All I ever Wanted (Vikki Wakefield - also visiting) and Tim Pegler's Five Parts Dead. Starting the latest HIVE novel, Zero Hour, which I should have read and reviewed some time ago. I have a copy of George Ivanoff's Gamers' Challenge and a couple more Ford Street titles, just received, plus a couple of adult (as opposed to YA) novels sent me for reviewing, will read and review them as soon as I get through the YA, which is what my blog specialises in. I also got some more titles from Allen and Unwin to review. I have the latest Kate Forsyth book, yum! And there are all those small-press titles I bought at Swancon and Continuum. I'll get through them all eventually! :-)

But this is why I'm being rather slow with my reviews, plus wanting to get on with my own writing.

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