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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

In Which I SeeThe Last Jedi

Yesterday, I finally got to see Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi. I can remember when I felt the need to see a movie on opening night. Nowadays I go when it works out for me. This time I went with a friend from work and we decided to do it fancy, in Gold Class. That's the one where you sit on a comfy chair that can be tilted back and you can order food and drink which a waiter brings you as you sit watching the movie. The cinema is small, about 24 seats, and the screen large. We did have to book, of course, and we were lucky, managing to grab the last two seats, which were in the front row. I don't mind front row seats and there was enough space between us and the screen that no neck craning was necessary, even if we didn't have flexible seats.

So, what did I think of the film? Well, this isn't a review as sch, just some thoughts. And a review is difficult without spoilers. Almost impossible, in fact. I've read a few reviews and thought, yes, yes, but what's it about? There was one spoiler filled review on YouTube, but I watched that after seeing the film, as you were meant to.

Let's just say that I agree it's something of an Empire Strikes Back, only darker. Much darker. But I don't think it's too much of a spoiler to say there are At-Ats in one scene, on an ice planet. There are also elements from the other movies in the original trilogy. There is a character trying to redeem another character. There's a Lando Calrissian character, only not as likable. And there is the reappearance of a character I would never have expected to return, without explanation.

Another thing for which there is no explanation is why Luke, now a bitter and grief-stricken old man who wants to be left alone, left a trail of clues and a map to find him. I hoped it would be explained in this film, but it wasn't.

However, that's how fiction works. In Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, for example, the stone is hidden under the school to keep Voldie from it. Each teacher does an enchantment to further protect it - and then leaves clues! Which are solved by three eleven year olds, not to mention the teacher who's hosting the Dark Lord. Of course, the teachers might have shared the clues, but still.

There was the sadness of seeing our Princess Leia for the last time, knowing her portrayer is gone, but other sadness too. And there were some lovely new characters - I do hope Rose is back in the next movie!

I loved the movie and so did my friend, Jasna. I am hoping to see it again with my great-niece Rachel, but it will be her second time too, as her Dad is planning to take her. Time to binge on the original trilogy!

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