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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Off To The Boxing Day Sales!

mum and I used to go together, back in the days when stocktake sales were just that: sales of leftover goods from the Christmas sales, before they started getting in rubbish especially for Boxing Day. Mum can't handle the crowds any more. Even I only went to town because I needed a kettle to replace the old plastic one which has served me well, but is now pitted and dangerous to use. I checked out some reviews and nothing had a majority of positive ones. How can you decide when one review raves and gives a five star review, saying how durable it is and another says the same item broke down after a few months? In a couple of cases that it blew up or caught fire! In the end, I bought a kettle which was smaller than I wanted, but had reasonable reviews.

Now time to go to JB Hifi and see if they can sell me a cover for my new toy, an iPhone, though I may need to visit the Apple store. I have a new gift voucher, a Yuletide gift, so might as well see if JB has it and at the same time, maybe buy a DVD or two. I bought two seasons of Dr Who on my last visit. Maybe one of the older DW stories will be on special?

No Boxing Day blockbusters for me this year - the Dr Who Christmas special is on!

This morning on Radio National there was a debate between Team Literary Fiction and Team Genre Fiction, about whether literary fiction was better for creating empathy in its readers. I'm pleased to say genre fiction won - lit fiction got only one vote out of three and that was only because the judge said she felt sorry for that team and wanted to give them at least one vote. And listeners texted questions - one was used, asking each team to give their favourite books of the opposite type! It was a fun session.

So that's my Boxing Day so far - I stopped at the Emporium food court for a late lunch, I'm there now.

What has your Bocing Day been like?


Pamela said...

Exploding kettles? Yikes! Mine is electric and to be very frank, I don't use it as much as I used to. I was introduced to the miracle of the electric kettle when I lived in France and have had one ever since.

I'm going to see Rogue One again today--probably won't go to any stores.

Sue Bursztynski said...

I can't even remember the last time I used a stove-top kettle, though you can still buy them. And I need a kettle, which I use every day, at least once, for breakfast tea. And the old one was not safe any more. Which is why I went to the city, instead of to see Rogue One.(perhaps tonight?) I used a gift voucher to buy two seasons of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and came home to watch the Dr Who Christmas special. :)