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Friday, December 09, 2016

Happy Dance Time Again! A Contributor's Success!

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My contributors to ASIM 60 have been doing well, it seems. First it was the delightful Michelle Goldsmith, whose second ever published story, which appeared in ASIM 60, was reprinted in The Year's Best Australian Fantasy And Horror

Now I have learned, quite by chance, that the amazing C. Stuart Hardwick, whose first sale was "Callista's Delight", published in ASIM 60, has sold a story to the world's top SF magazine, Analog. If you get into Analog, your career is really on its way. And I see that it has had good feedback so far, even the word "Hugo" being muttered by some. 

Well  done, Stuart! 

It seems always the way, though, that when you get them early, that's the last you hear of them. I mean, who wants to submit to a semiprozine paying about a cent a word when they have sold to the likes of Analog and Fantasy And SF?

ASIM has published the early fiction of some Big Names. Jim Hines. Aliette De Bodard. Rachel Swirsky.  Ann Leckie. People who went on to win Nebulas and Hugos. 

Mind you, we have had some stories from already-well-known people. Felicity Pulman. Sean Williams, who sent us a short, short story set in his Twinmaker universe. Sean McMullen. John Birmingham, better known these days for his journalism. Graeme Garden of The Goodies fame sent us a poem. I even had a poem by Darrell Schweitzer in my issue. 

But mostly, they go on to fame and fortune(or at least the chance to write full time, not to be sniffed at) and that's that. 

Well, I published six first sales and some second sales. I wonder if I should invite them to visit The Great Raven and let us know how they're going? 

And congratulations, Stuart! I am so proud! 


Unknown said...

How fabulous to have your students go on to do great things. Surely that's the best reward a teacher can get. Congrats to Michelle & Stuart!

Sue Bursztynski said...

Actually, they weren't my students, they were contributors to my issue of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, which I edited back in 2014. :) But yes, they deserve to do great things. Thanks for your good wishes!

Anthony Panegyres said...

My second sale (chosen by you) in 2011. Think it gives writers plenty of confidence too. Nice to see the writers in your post doing so well.

Sue Bursztynski said...

You've certainly done well since then! I was thinking of those in *my* issue, #60, but you know what? No reason why I shouldn't invite all my early sales contributors to post here.

I'll email you.