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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Look What I just Bought! The Second Gisburne Novel!

And here it is, complete with deleted scenes. I read and reviewed the first novel, Knight Of Shadows, a couple of years ago

Now the author, Toby Venables, has been interviewed on the Modern Medievalists blog and I learned that there was a second one, so I wandered over to iBooks and bought it. The annoying thing is, the omnibus with both books was cheaper than just this one, but I already had it and this does have those deleted scenes, just like on a DVD...

If you didn't read my first post, just follow the link above. This Gisburne is not a villain or even an anti-hero, he is just the good guy of the novel and he's very much James Bond, with Prince John as M. There's even a Q character! And Robin Hood is the Joker from Batman, as the author says. Not at all a nice man. 

I loved the first book and as Gisburne was wearing a leather coat(just like in the ballads) I imagined him as Richard Armitage. 

If you want a medieval novel with a difference, get them both!

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