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Monday, February 15, 2016

Just Finished Reading... A Tangle Of Gold by Jaclyn Moriarty

Last night I finally completed the read I began on Saturday morning, when I picked up the book from the post office. I won't be reviewing it here, because the book comes out on February 23rd and the author will be answering some questions for you on March 16, as part of the book's blog tour. I had to rewrite my questions because after I had read this book, I realised there were some spoilers. I will be sending them on today to the delightful Clare Keighery, publicist, who will send them on to the author for me.

The only thing I will say is that you can't read this novel standalone so if you're interested go away and read the first two novels and come back for the interview on March 16. If you have read them it's definitely worth reading the last book. The first two books were seen from two viewpoints, Madeleine and Elliot, who wrote to each other across the universes. This one is also seen from the viewpoint of Keira, the young tech genius from the high tech province of Jagged Edge. There will be a lot of revelations made. I must admit, some of these made me say, "Oh, come onnow!" But there's no doubt the author had fun making them. 

Only a month till you hear it all from the author's own viewpoint.  Stay tuned!

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