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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Just Started Reading... Around The World In Eighty Days

With a new edition of Michael Strogoff, a lesser-known Verne novel, about to land in my letterbox, I thought it might be fun to reread one of the better-known ones. So far, enjoying the reread - I had forgotten the humour.

 Phileas Fogg is so, so very OCD in his lifestyle! He has just sacked his previous valet for making the shaving water two degrees less than it should be. He has a very precise way of life - so many steps to his club, where he spends every day, a precise time to leave home, a precise time to return and go to bed. The new servant, Passepartout, is absolutely thrilled at the thought that his new job will have absolutely no adventure in it, no running around(he sacked his previous master for too much running around and getting drunk)when his new employer comes home and tells him to pack, because they're off on a world tour - the same day he started work! Poor Passepartout!

And there's the detective, Fix, chasing them for a bank robbery...

The novel is a hoot! It's not science fiction, but it does consider the new technology that's making it possible to travel around the world in record time. Really, while not being SF, it does tell you that the author is a science fiction writer. He's interested in everything new and different.

And he was clearly having fun!

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