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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Look What I've Got!

This just arrived yesterday. Sometimes I have to go to the PO for a parcel, but the postie who delivered it had carefully placed it under the doormat as he/she has done with others before, bless them! I think it's sweet, though I doubt my neighbour Peter would touch anything of mine, although he IS a book lover with whom I stop to chat about SF/F. ;-)

This came from a publisher with whom I've dealt in the past, though not recently. Always nice, anyway! 

It is a YA thriller and written, I gather, by the author of Thirteen, a book I believe we have in my school's library. The name, Tom Hoyle, is a pseudonym for a school headmaster who presumably doesn't want it to be known that he does this stuff. That's a pity. I can assure the gentleman that his kids would be terribly proud to know that the author of those exciting books they have been reading is working right at their very school. Maybe it's some exclusive private school where this sort of thing isn't approved of by the administration. 

Or maybe he just wants his privacy. I can relate to that. It's one reason why I have never lived close to the schools where I work. But my own students know about my writing. They read it and love it and once there were a couple of girls who offered to distribute fliers! I said no, but it was delightful that they wanted to help. Another student showed me her copy of Girlfriend which had a review of my novel. 

Ah, well, up to him, I guess. I've begun reading it and so far the language seems to be readable and easy enough, no long words or sentences. I always think of reluctant readers. This is one advantage of a teacher writing a book - they know what kids will enjoy and they know how to tell a story in a way that even those who aren't top readers can handle. 

There will be a review here as soon as I finish. Stand by.


Lan said...

Gosh you get a lot of review books Sue! I can understand why any author would want their privacy. I'm still grappling with the fact that some indie online retailers give out your address! Hope you enjoy the book and it must be really nice to have a neighbour you can speak to about books!

Sue Bursztynski said...

Goodness, they give out your address? How awful! Can't you refuse permission for that? Mind you, with a name like mine privacy is hard to get - unless I go for a silent number anyone can find me in the phone book. And there was that case of the author who stalked a reviewer a few months ago... Yes, Peter is lovely, and he reads the same sort of books I do. His daughter also loves fantasy - we once went to the same session at the Melbourne Writers' Festival, but she now lives in Queensland.