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Monday, July 07, 2014

Look What I've Got! Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book In Pics!

Some time ago, I received Neil Gaiman's children's book The Graveyard Book for reviewing. It was inspired by Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Books, only this Mowgli was brought up in a graveyard instead of a jungle, by ghosts and other creatures of the night. Now it's out as a graphic novel - well, half of it is, anyway - and the lovely publicist Sonia Palmisano of Bloomsbury, who always seems to know what I'm likely to drool over, has sent me a copy. I will try to get it read and reviewed before I go back to work next week, so I can take it and get it processed right away, because I just know my students will love it. They've started asking for Neil Gaiman lately, anyway, and graphic novels are big in my library! Only thing is, they'll want to know when Volume 2 is coming out and I'll have to tell them I don't know.

Gorgeous, isn't it? What a lovely surprise to come home and find this waiting in the hallway next to the letterboxes!

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