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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Peggy Bright Books Australia Day Weekend Special!

This evening, I received the following email from Peggy Bright Books:

"For the Australia Day weekend Peggy Bright Books ( is running a special! Buy e-copies of Flight 404 by Simon Petrie, The Gordon Mamon Casebook by Simon Petrie, Rare Unsigned Copy by Simon Petrie and The Whale's Tale by Edwina Harvey for just $1.99 each. E-copies of our anthology, Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear only $2.99 Email me ( for payment details, This special is NOT available through our website."

They explained that it was a last-minute decision, hence the lack of time to alter the details on the   website. I, personally, would be  happy to take a little bit of extra trouble to email the editor for the chance to buy all that stock for the total cost of a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. I know ebook downloads are impulsive things but look at it this way: you'd get all that great reading matter cheap and it would STILL be quicker than waiting for an ordered print copy to come through from Amazon or wherever.

The offer is open from Friday midnight to Monday midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time, so if you live outside Australia, you'll need to get going quickly! The good news is, since you're emailing a human being instead of downloading straight from the website, she will allow for the  quirks of time differences and probably not worry too much if you're a bit early or late. :)

I have all these books and they're great! 

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