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Saturday, September 28, 2013

What I'm reading For Banned Books Week

I read recently that this was at one stage the second on the top ten banned and challenged books. Who can resist? I am a bit late this year, but what the heck? My video will stay up. And the students will see it. I often wonder why they keep Googling me, but am kind of flattered when a student finds me reading aloud on YouTube and calls,"Miss! Hey, Miss!". They found me interesting enough to look up. 

I read the entire series a few years ago and loved the beauty of the imagery and realised that, like the Narnia books, it had more than kids would notice while reading it. I borrowed it from the library on Friday for a reread and am having trouble deciding which passage to read. I think it may be the scene where, having gone through her long, dangerous and exhausting quest, Lyra turns up on Lord Asriel's doorstep only to find herself unwelcome and bursts into an angry speech.

A great and powerful trilogy, though, like China Mieville, the author seems to think he's better than Tolkien. No way, mate! It's good stuff, but not that good!

Some time today, perhaps after lunch, I will sit down at my laptop and record, then have fun and games trying to remember how to convert it to a format usable on YouTube. Otherwise, you get a thing that looks like an attempt to dub a foreign film, with lips moving faster or slower than the sound. And no matter what I do, I get a mirror image of the book cover.

Still, it's the reading that matters. I will post a link when done.

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