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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Paul Collins And His New Book

Last night, I received the following email from my lovely publisher Paul Collins, who has also been writing for many years and supporting Australian speculative fiction since Year Dot:

"Hi Sue

I've just had a horror novel published by Damnation Books in the US --Amazon:
It's now time to try and get some reviews/promo happening, but I'm long out of the adult fiction scene. I don't suppose you have any ideas -- horror magazine editor contacts, etc?
I've attached a copy in case you'd like to blog about it or review it for your site."

I am not a horror fan and I don't read much adult fiction, but if Paul Collins wrote it, it will be worth reading and from the acknowledgements page I see that he has done his research on certain aspects of the story - cults, police, things spiritual and other such stuff, asking people who knew more about it than he did.

I have asked some bloggers who have wider tastes than I do, but thought it might be good to let my readers know about it.

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JD said...

Most excellent, Sue. Thanks!