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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More On My iBooks Shelf

I finished rereading Star Prince Charlie yesterday, just as delightful as the first time. It's all too easy to have fond memories of a book and then find out it's not as good as you thought.

When Ann Crispin died the other day I downloaded her YA novel Starbridge, the first of a series. It has the flavour of an Andre Norton, well, sort of. I liked it very much, anyway, a story of First Contact, where the little ship is chugging home to Earth, minding its own business and suddenly -  aliens! Who turn out to be looking for their own First Contact for their own reasons... And the baby-blanket-shaped sentient fungus who farts oxygen...:)

I downloaded Percy's Reliques, but couldn't read much of it, so I went back to Gutenberg and found a volume of selected Percy ballads edited by Andrew Lang, bless him! Much easier to follow and missing the waffle.

Today I bought John Safran's new book, Murder In Mississippi, which was about what happened when he went to the US, firstly to record an episode of Race Relations which was never aired because the white supremacist who was the subject of it was a lawyer who had sued an entire county, among other things, and could easily do the same to the ABC. A year later the horrible man was murdered by a black man and certain questions about him led John Safran to go back to the US to write a book about it all. I'm a couple of hundred pages in already and finding it very readable, like a detective story in its own right. If he's going to be a true crime writer, he's made a good start.

Now, I'm putting this on the charger till bedtime and asking my ebooks to bed with me.

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