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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Writing At Sunshine College

This morning, my friend Chris Wheat, a fellow YA writer who works with me at my school, emailed me the manuscript of this year's student anthology, so I could use my ebook app to turn it into an ebook. I haven't done that yet, because after having fiddled it into twenty-five separate files, which was necessary if it wasn't going to be a one-chapter lump, I thought, what-the-heck, there's another way to publish it first, even if you can't use the cover art: Ebook Glue (thanks again for the idea, Sean the Blogonaut!) And because I intend to do an ebook of my own students' work this year, so they can download it on to their iPads, when the school finally gives them back, I just went straight to Blogger and created another blog.

This one, called by the exciting name of Creativity Rocks!, is to be found at:

Do check it out. I have put in a page with an Ebook Glue link, to make it possible to read it in Mobi or ePub. This is really worth looking at. It isn't just a case of, "Hey, aren't these kids cute?" Some of them are going to uni and there are a few whose names you may be seeing on books covers some day, or in published articles and stories. And there are some who have simply surprised us pleasantly with their creativity.

Not sure when I'll have time to go to Technorati to "claim" it officially, thus making it viewable via Google, so for the time being you, my readers, may be the only ones outside the school who get to see this.

If you do, why not comment here and let me know what you think?

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