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Monday, February 04, 2013

Richard III Is Found!

It's official, as of this evening, Downunder time: those sad bones they found under a Leicester car park last year are in all probability those of Richard III, last of the Plantagenet kings, last English king to die in battle, victim of history's biggest smear campaign and a character, even if only a background character, in a lot of fiction, some of it children's or YA. That's where I have read most of my Richard stuff, though also quite a lot of non-fiction.

The newspapers will be full of it tomorrow and in any case, I've posted about it only a few months ago, here. So for the time being I will go to bed, rejoicing that the poor man will finally be buried properly and hopefully where he wanted to be buried. And as a lover of archaeology and forensics I'm going to look it up in the appropriate online journals.

Good night all!


Tariro Thando Bhebe said...

Besides being a king, is there anything else he's famous for?

Sue Bursztynski said...

Hi Thando. When I was your age - in fact exactly your age, in Year 11 - I had a wonderful English teacher. We studied the Shakespeare play, in which Richard is shown as a villain. She told us about a novel called Daughter of Time, which I have posted about on this blog. It was a mystery story in which a modern(well, 20th century, anyway) detective investigates the story from his hospital bed and finds out that he was a decent man. I read it and joined the Richard III Society, which is his fan club. Go read it. Richard didn't invent anything or play music or make movies. He was just a great little brother, a good husband, a decent ruler for the short time he was in charge, but they killed him and then they murdered his reputation and now they've found his body and I am delighted the poor man will finally have his honourable burial. Thanks for dropping by. Let me know if you can't find Daughter of Time and I'll rustle yu up a copy. Yu can read it in an evening.