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Friday, February 08, 2013

Latest Review - Woot!

Here's the latest review of Wolfborn, this one from the US, from Cassie of Knows Prose . I have been seeking out overseas reviews myself recently because the publishers didn't get many since Wolfborn appeared in the US - actually, none - but are willing to supply US review copies if I can find some interested bloggers myself. I managed to get a number of them in a few days, though this is the first one from the US since I sent my initial lot of inquiries.

I must say, this one impresses me by its professionalism. It's not only that she liked it - although I'm thrilled about that, why wouldn't I be? :-) Many reviewers will put in a link to where you can get the book(something I really should be doing, but confess I haven't done it so far) but this one also links you to other recent(and positive, thank heavens!) reviews and even links you to the Wikipedia entry for Bisclavret, the Marie De France tale which inspired the book. And the post before in, on January 16, actually links you to the sample chapter on this web site. Now, that is promotion! And while she didn't care for all the dialogue at the start, she urges readers to keep going because it gets you right in after that. Nice!

Cassie will be planting her review on Amazon and Goodreads as well.

All I can say is, well done, Cassie and I will be thinking more about how I structure my own future reviews, inspired by your style.


Lan said...

Great news Sue. Hopefully this is the beginning of a wave of great US reviews.

Sue Bursztynski said...

Thanks, Lan, me too! But only if I arrange them. ;-) and I can make mistakes. Once I requested a review from a site that really only liked paranormal romance and books with covers where the heroine was wearing a prom gown. She said yes, then realised it wasn't her kind of book. In all fairness, she followed my suggestion to run a giveaway( which got a few entries) and let me have a guest post. But it was not a success. Do you think any of your US followers might be interested?