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Thursday, February 09, 2012

You Thought YA Cover Art Is Bad?

So, considering all the discussion we've had on those YA covers with girls in long formal gowns lurking in gloomy Gothic backgrounds, you'd thin k it couldn't get any sillier, wouldn't you?

Recently, I've come across this fabulous blog on Livejournal and started following.

I'm putting through links to two very funny posts on the theme of gender roles on, respectively, spec fic and romance novel covers. This blogger doesn't just talk about the absurdity of some cover art, she actually has herself photographed in the silly poses from the covers. You have to wonder how anyone would manage to twist herself into those poses, but the romance covers are even sillier and for these she got the co-operation of her husband, to stand in for famous romance novel model Fabio. Then she swapped the male and female stances, so that she was posing in the male role. It was hilarious.

The first one was entitled Men's Versus Women's Poses. That's the speculative fiction one.

The second one was called Gender and Book Covers: the romance novel edition.

Do check these out and try not to be eating or drinking while you do it, unless you want to choke with laughter.


Sean said...

I had seen the first link but not the second. Thank you for the beverage warning

Sue Bursztynski said...

Hilarious, aren't they? Best not to spray your computer screen with tea.:-)