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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Writers' Club for the Year

Today we had our first meeting of the campus writers' club. There were some new Year 7 students who had joined us. The usual suspects from last year, after I'd shown them the web site of Express Media and told them that Voiceworks pays young people $100 an item, settled happily down to work on their latest masterpieces. some on Inkpop, some just in Word. The new Year 7 students were keen to start work, then one of them said, "Miss, we don't have our logins yet." The computer teacher does these, but was busy elsewhere, so I had to log in to my account for them, recommending they emailed their stories to themselves. With great enthusiasm, they got started on their own epics. Robert had done a couple of pages from scratch before the bell rang, the others a bit less.

Thando handed me several pages of close print to read. Dylan and Selena were working on editing his piece for Inkpop.

I ran around like a headless chook and lost a vital password to the Conspiracy365 web site (Gabrielle Lord's YA site) while checking out books, taking people's stories and passing on a DVD to a staff member. It was in my email, though, so I checked out the site's email address and after lunch sent off my request.

I think I got in about five minutes to eat my lunch...


DC3109 said...

The first is always the craziest!LOL!


Sue Bursztynski said...

Actually, they're ALL crazy, Dylan! ;-)