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Friday, January 21, 2022

Book Blogger Hop: January 2022

 This week I will write on some topics suggested by the Book Blogger Hop. This month’s list include asking if there is a genre you haven’t read, but would like to, whether you have any bookish posters or artwork on your walls, the average number of books you read a month or whether you have attended a book signing. 

None are really questions for an entire post, for me, so I will answer them all, briefly. 

If there is a genre I’d like to read, I just read it. What’s stopping me? So no. I read SF, fantasy, historical fiction and non fiction, biographies, quirky non fiction, true crime, mysteries(preferred cosies) and others. About the only things that don’t interest me are mainstream adult fiction, and I might even read that if it’s funny. I do read mainstream YA and children’s fiction. Sometimes. I’ll give anything a go, once. 

I have some posters, more likely to be film than bookish, but the film is probably based on a book, eg Lord Of The Rings. See? One sentence.

I have no idea how many books I read. I don’t keep track, unlike a student I once had who used an exercise book to note what she had read. (It was July and she had read eighty already). At any one time I am re-reading as many as I’m reading for the first time. So - I haven’t a clue. Right now, I’m re-reading The Grey King by Susan Cooper and A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold and making my horrified way through Van Badham’s QAnon And On: A Short And Shocking History Of Internet Conspiracy Cults. I’m still reading Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comic collection, Preludes And Nocturnes. Morpheus, Death’s younger brother, who has spent seventy years imprisoned by a crazy rich family, is now trying to get back his stuff from various people who have helped themselves to it while he was locked up.

Thing is, I have a lot of books I just had to buy, still on my TBR pile. I have started reading them all. 

Finally, of course I’ve been to signings, many over the years - which booklover hasn’t, if they had the chance? 

Mind you, there is a difference between straight signings and book launches. Signings are often by well known authors who are in town, maybe for a convention(at which they do more signing). Book launches are by anyone who has just had a book published. I do sometimes attend those if they are easy to reach by public transport and I know the author, either personally or whose books I enjoy. I don’t often get my books signed these days, because by the time I get to the launch, I have already bought the book in ebook, or I don’t know if I want to keep them. 

Of course, I do have some books signed by the likes of Terry Pratchett or Frank Herbert. I got those either at a convention or at a bookshop signing. Those I will certainly keep! 

The problem I have with books signed by people I know, especially when it’s their first book, is that they invariably - and I do mean invariably! - sign the damn thing “To Sue, thank you so much for your support,” even if I haven’t done anything except buy the book. I find it irritating, I’m afraid. 

I’d rather have my book either signed without my name, which enables me to give it away later, or just “To Sue, hope you enjoy it!” That’s what I do when I sign, unless there is a special reason to do it differently. And they usually have it signed before I can make my request.

Fortunately I mostly buy ebooks now. You can’t sign those! 

So, which of these questions interests you? Genres? How many books you read? Posters? Book signings? 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I do keep track of the books I read each year. It's a pretty pathetic list most of the time, especially given that at one time I was an absolutely voracious reader. Here's 2021's sad list --

I'm trying to think if I ever had a strictly book-related poster/print on my walls and the only one I can think of is a Lord of the Rings poster that I had in university. This was long before anyone tried to film Tolkien's masterpiece, so the poster consisted of fantasy-themed artwork of Gandalf, the hobbits, etc.

Hels said...

Genre interests me the most.

I read a lot of novels in high school, university and after, but eventually I focused more on biographies, histories and travel stories. These non-fiction books were both fascinating in their own right and helpful for my lecture notes, blogging and conference papers. And they helped create excellent dinner party conversations.

Sue Bursztynski said...

Hi Hels! Your non fiction choices are similar to my own. My history choices are often quirky “history of” books, such as the history of tourism, chocolate and food. I can certainly see how yours contributed to your very enjoyable blog!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sue - you're an inveterate reader ... and have some wonderful choices of books I'd like to read. I've lots to read here ... I probably should stop blogging for a while - but I suspect that's not going to happen. I tend to read a variety of educative books, not many novels - but I really want to look at the Sandman books, as too I'd be interested in the QAnon one ...

Thanks for an interesting and informative post ... cheers Hilary

AJ Blythe said...

Yes to both book signings and launches (and yes to a book signed by Terry Pratchett - although I got it for my brother for his birthday, kinda wish I'd got one for me, lol).

I used to keep a list of all the books I had read (it was handy when trying to work out whether I had read a particular book in a series or not), but I haven't kept that list for many a year. I used to read anything between 100 and 140 books a year.I think it would have dropped over the last couple of years, but I am determined to change that this year.

And I read whatever I feel like reading, genre wise. Although I do tend more to mystery/crime (although I still read fantasy, some sci-fi, romance and YA as well). It's easier for me to say what I won't read...erotic (bores me) and horror (scares me).

Sue Bursztynski said...

Hi Debra! I followed your link. Looks like you have read plenty, even if it mostly wasn’t published books. Comics and fan fiction absolutely count! One of these days, if you ever get to Melbourne you can check out MY fanfic collection, from the days when we published print fanzines instead of wading through online stories. Be warned, though, I’m not into slash fiction. Sorry!

Hi Hilary! Well…yes. This is basically a book blog, though I do talk about other things as well! 😉 In fact, my next post will be about film music.

I bought Sandman and the QAnon book in ebook. The QAnon book is by Van Badham, an Aussie writer, and tells a horrifying story. Amazing what horrible things people do to each other! If you finD it interesting, there is Culture Warlords by Talia Lavin, who spent about a year pretending to be a nutcase member of various conspiracy and white supremacy sites. Scary stuff!

Sue Bursztynski said...

Hi Anita!

Good heavens, I regard myself as a passionate reader and I don’t think I have ever read 140 books in a year!