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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tansy Rayner Roberts Kickstarter Project!

I have to admit I haven’t read the Creature Court books, but as the author, Aussie spec fic writer Tansy Rayner Roberts, has been promoting her Kickstarter project to get them reprinted, I decided it might be time to have a go. Tansy RR has been a star of local small press since, many years ago, having her first book published by a Big Press, after winning the George Turner Award.

Small press in Australia is a vital thriving thing, with most spec fic writers involved, even the well known ones with their books selling in the hundreds of thousands overseas. Big press these days mostly sticks to fat fantasy trilogies, in this country at least. If you want to write anything else, you often have to submit to small press. And some writers do it for fun. It doesn’t pay much, but it pays. And the publishers look after you, unlike Big Press(I’m looking at you, lovely Ford Street!)

Anyway, I decided to put A$35 into the project. If all goes well, that will get me the entire Creature Court series in ebook, plus a pack of post cards and a specially designed CC pin postage free. Good enough for me! I don’t want print copies any more, but you can get some if you chip in more.

At this stage, there are 14 days to go, with about $5000 to raise, and it’s all or nothing, it will only go ahead if the money is raised, so I really want to promote this! I want my books and pin! (I may give away the cards).

Why not check it out? If Tansy wrote them, they will be fun.

Here’s the link:

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