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Saturday, June 01, 2013

So Many Books, So Little Time! Reading Matters Splurge

Just got back from three days at Reading Matters, the biennial conference run by the Centre for Youth Literature in Melbourne. More when I have the energy and have sorted the photos. I have to share anyway, with the staff at school, as the school paid for my ticket.

The con proper was two days, but Thursday was student day and I took book club. I bought far more books than I should have, including downloads of some on iBooks as the authors spoke - I didn't have an iPad last time. Danger both from the bookstall and the iBooks Store!

There was also the goody bag, that contained a manga comic which goes straight in the library, and Will Kostakis's new novel in ARC form. A lovely, lovely book, which I have finished in a day, but can't yet review due to a mid July embargo. Will has agreed to an interview, which also has to be July. I will have to write it all now, while it's in my mind, and save it for July. Something to look forward to!


miki said...

it sound like a great experience^^

Sue Bursztynski said...

It was fabulous! As soon as I have sorted my notes, there will be a con report with pictures!

miki said...

thank you a lot, i will appreciate to see them because we don't have anything similar here