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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Continuum Day 2 So Far

I arrived lateish this morning due to wanting a sleep in, then stopping at Haigh's to buy chocolate. I wanted to have it with tea, but still have it in my bag.

There was a panel called Plot 101 going on in the foyer, because they had been kicked out of their room,  probably to make way for the GoH speech at noon. So I sat and watched(photos will be inserted as soon as I get home tonight). The participants were Trudi Canavan,  Richard Harland, Amanda Pillar and David Witteveen, who was moderating. I sat on the floor and listened to their discussion of plotting a novel. One question asked was one I wish had come up yesterday on my panel, on what happens when you have to make a major plot change. In my case it's what you do when you suddenly lose your villain, who turns out to be okay, and have to replace her, THEN you realise that as the heroine's potential romantic interest is a long lost prince, who will eventually become king , she can't have him and you now have to find a new character, because your girl readers will NOT like a Prisoner of Zenda ending! I am starting to realise that there may be a reason for the standard YA romance triangle.

After this, I went to Paul's GoH speech, which was mostly a workshop on the twelve thingies making up the Hero's journey and we had to get into groups and work out a plot. Five of us came up with a very silly plot, but I took notes because it may come in handy in the classroom.

This was followed by a second launch of Richard Harland's new Steampunk novel. I downloaded it on iBooks - I just don't have space on my shelves any more and the library has a copy.

I had a great chat with Michael Pryor before going out for lunch at a Mexican place, where I'm writing this. I may sit in on the rest of the auction and then go to author readings in hope that mine can be fitted in before audience wanders off!

More anon.


Satima Flavell said...

Oh, I wish I were there! I'm glad you're having a good time and that your panels went well.Maybe I will be there next year, when it's the Natcon. Will start saving forthwith!

Sue Bursztynski said...

Looking forward to seeing you! I didn't know it was to be the Natcon, but it means they will have it somewhere other than the regular venue, which is very small.